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  • Sharon Y. Li

    Sharon Y. Li

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Computer Science

    BioSharon Y. Li completed her PhD from Cornell University in 2017, where she was advised by John E. Hopcroft. Her thesis committee members are Kilian Q. Weinberger and Thorsten Joachims. Her principal research interests are in machine learning and representation learning. In particular, her recent research focuses on designing machine learning models to enable more generalizable and reliable representations for complex visual data, in settings where strong human supervision is either present or absent. Prior to Stanford, she has spent time at Google Research twice as an intern, and at Facebook AI as a Research Scientist. She was selected as one of the "Rising Stars in EECS" by Stanford University in 2017. She is the recipient of ACM-W Scholarship, D.E.Shaw Exploration Fellowship and Cornell Graduate Research Fellowship.

  • Or Litany

    Or Litany

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Computer Science

    BioI am a post-doctoral researcher at FAIR, and Stanford University; working under Prof. Jitendra Malik and Prof. Leonidas Guibas. Previously, I was a post-doc at the Technion and a research intern at Google, Intel and Microsoft Research. I received my PhD from Tel-Aviv University, where I was advised by Prof. Alex Bronstein. I received my B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University under the auspices of “Talpiot”.

    My research interests include: 3D deep learning, computational shape analysis and representation learning.