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  • Seyedshahabaddin Mirjalili

    Seyedshahabaddin Mirjalili

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mechanical Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsIn a general sense, I am interested in fluid mechanics problems involving multiple phases, multiple scales and interaction of multiple physical phenomena. To tackle such problems, I work on developing robust and efficient numerical methodologies with a focus on modularity, adaptability and parallel scalability. Additionally, by leveraging the separation of scales involved in many practical problems, I seek to provide/employ subgrid-scale models, asymptotic methods and machine learning techniques to reduce the cost of direct numerical simulations in laminar and turbulent flows. Topics of current interest to me are:
    - Two-phase flows (phase field models, atomization, impact events, thin films, turbulent breaking waves, subgrid-scale modeling, etc.)
    - Electrokinetic flows (AC electrokinetics, DBD plasmas, etc.)
    - Applied math (asymptotic methods, computational geometry, etc.)
    - Machine learning and data science
    - High performance computing