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  • Jian Qin

    Jian Qin

    Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

    BioJian Qin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Stanford University. His research focuses on development of microscopic understanding of structural and physical properties of soft matters by using a combination of analytical theory, scaling argument, numerical computation, and molecular simulation. He worked as a postdoctoral scholar with Juan de Pablo in the Institute for Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago and with Scott Milner in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. He received his Ph.D. in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota under the supervision of David Morse and Frank Bates. His research covers self-assembly of multi-component polymeric systems, molecular origin of entanglement and polymer melt rheology, coacervation of polyelectrolytes, Coulomb interactions in dielectrically heterogeneous electrolytes, and surface charge polarizations in particulate aggregates in the absence or presence of flow.

  • Jonathan Quinson

    Jonathan Quinson

    Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemical Engineering
    Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar, Program-Cargnello, M.

    BioI am an Assistant Professor / Marie Curie Glolbal Fellow affiliated with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

    I am a Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Stanford in the group of Assistant Prof Matteo Cargnello.

    My research work focuses on the development of surfactant-free colloidal syntheses of precious metal nanoparticles.
    These nanoparticles are relevant for a range of catalytic reactions.