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  • Raul Quiben Figueroa

    Raul Quiben Figueroa

    Graduate Visiting Researcher Student, Civil & Envir Engr

    BioPhD Candidate.
    Mr Quiben is earning his PhD at University Carlos III Madrid, under the cosupervision of Prof. Manuel Soler and Prof. Rauno Cavallaro, focusing his research on multidisciplinary optimization of new generation H2 aircraft design and operations with an environmental impact perspective. Currently affiliated in Stanford University, developing a collaborative research project that aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding on aircraft contrails formation and impact.
    Mr. Quiben graduated in Aerospace Engineering (BSc degree 2016-2020) from Universidade de Vigo and in Aeronautical Engineering (MSc 2020-2022) from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. During his studies he did two exchange stages in TOHOKU University (Japan 2019-2020) and Politecnico de Milano (2022).