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  • Jing Ren

    Jing Ren

    Graduate, Stanford Center for Professional Development

    BioSophie Ren is a Chinese learning scientist, product architect, and serial entrepreneur. Ren's research in the learning sciences focuses on theory, methods, techniques, and motivation that accelerate adult learning, particularly using the unconscious part of the brain to enhance the outcome of learning. In addition, Ren has made numerous creative contributions to the e-learning industry. Moreover, Ren's original creations included crisscrossed modules, the UGC reward system, and a model for the NLP and Voice Recognition System. Regarding Ren's product, the Game-Fi e-learning platform DouXing, minimizes human capital costs and increases HR departments' visibility into the learning process and employee success. Ren's career has had a significant impact on China's education and training industry. Using incentive principles, memory science, and technical tools, Ren increased her influence in the learning industry by creating and executing successful and widely utilized learning platforms for 2.2 million users from over 100 companies. In China, current consumers of Ren's products include, among others, the Bank of China, Dunkin' Donuts, Yum Foods, and Boss.

    Sophie founded her learning science laboratory and firm in 2014 in order to find ways to boost adult learning, particularly in the chain industry. Using a learning progress design, Sophie Ren has written 112 professional articles on how to inspire an individual to increase learning and training speed in an organization. Ren simultaneously obtained seventeen copyrights in China. Numerous significant media publications, such as Forbes, Crunchbase, and Hurun, have also highlighted the popularity of DouXing.

    The focus of Ren's study is the interface between learning science and technology. Ren will continue investigating how to reduce the time required to acquire declarative and imperative knowledge through the use of technology. Since Ren believes there is no one-size-fits-all learning technique, she is tackling the difficulties of fully individualized learning software with artificial intelligence, gaming approaches, and motivational systems. Enhancing the rate and caliber of learning can usher in a new era of human advancement.

    Ren's objective is to identify the formula for personalized learning in an organization by combining cognitive science and technology to construct, develop, and improve learning tools for adults. Ren's research interests in the learning sciences focus on informal learning and enhancing the utilization of the brain's unconscious regions through the application of theories, the discovery of formulas, and the development of models to accelerate and maximize adults' learning speed and quality within an organization.

  • Junru Ren

    Junru Ren

    Graduate, Stanford Center for Professional Development

    BioJunru Ren (任俊儒) is an aspiring young professional who wishes to solve the problems that are impacting our daily life through technology combined with humanity.

    He's currently enrolled in Stanford's CS 221 outside his full-time job as a software engineer / tech lead at SoundHound AI, working on voice AI. You might be driving a car on which the in-car voice assistant runs on some code Junru wrote :)

    When he's not coding, Junru enjoys Classical & Jazz music, soccer, photography, friendly conversations, and a good glass of whiskey.

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