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  • Ziyan Wu

    Ziyan Wu

    Masters Student in Civil and Environmental Engineering, admitted Autumn 2018
    Operator, Resource Recovery Center

    BioZiyan’s primary research interest is environmental engineering, especially hydrology, water resources, and sustainable development. Besides, she would like to do some research of big data analysis. In her undergraduate career, she did a hydrology research project of “Development and Update of Rainfall and Runoff Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves for Arizona State Counties in Response to Climate Change” with Dr. Amin Mohebbi at Northern Arizona University. In this project, she used Matlab and Excel to analysis the 1-minuite precipitation data for 60 years. This project combined hydrology, big data analysis, and computer coding. Ziyan is looking forward to doing more combined projects like this for her graduate study.

    Besides this project, Ziyan did another project with Dr. Junsxing Ho. The title of the project is “Evaluation of Dust Suppressant Mixed with different types of Soils in Unpaved Road: Lab experiment”. Ziyan did sets of lab experiments in this project, and from this project, she is pretty familiar with lab procedures and lab conduction.