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  • Constantin Basica

    Constantin Basica

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Music

    BioConstantin Basica is a Romanian composer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose current work focuses on symbiotic interrelations between music, video, and performers. His portfolio includes pieces for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra, electronics, and video. His works have been performed in Europe, North America, and Asia by artists and ensembles such as Ensemble Dal Niente, Ensemble Liminar, ELISION Ensemble, Distractfold, Mocrep, JACK Quartet, Spektral Quartet, kallisti, RAGE Thormbones, line upon line, Retro Disco, Fresh Squeezed Opera, Séverine Ballon, Tony Arnold, Karen Bentley Pollick, and Olga Berar. Among the festivals and conferences that have featured his works are the MATA Festival (NY), Currents New Media Festival (NM), the International Week of New Music (RO), InnerSound New Arts Festival (RO), the International Festival for Video Art and Visual Music (MX), Aveiro Síntese Biennale for Electroacoustic Music (PT), Eureka! Musical Minds of California (CA), the 2017 and 2018 International Computer Music Conference (CN and KR) and the 2016 Sound and Music Computing Conference (DE). He received the ICMA Award for Best Submission from Europe at the 42nd ICMC in Shanghai (CN).

    Constantin earned a DMA in Composition at Stanford University under the guidance of Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, Brian Ferneyhough, Mark Applebaum, and Erik Ulman. His previous mentors were Georg Hajdu, Manfred Stahnke, Fredrik Schwenk, and Peter Michael Hamel during his MA and Erasmus Scholarship at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre (DE), as well as Dan Dediu, Nicolae Coman, Doina Rotaru, and Bogdan Voda during his BA studies in Composition and Conducting at the National University of Music Bucharest (RO).

    As an educator, Constantin has taught and conducted workshops at Stanford University, Escuela Superior de Música in Mexico City (MX), the 2016 Sound and Music Computing Summer School in Hamburg (DE), the George Enescu National College of Music and the International Center for Research and Education in Innovative and Creative Technologies (CINETic) in Bucharest (RO).He is the recipient of the 2018 Carolyn Applebaum Memorial Prize and the 2015 Chair’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Department of Music at Stanford University.

  • Sebastian Baum

    Sebastian Baum

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Physics

    BioI am a theoretical physicist working on Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) particle physics phenomenology. In particular, I am interested in using particle colliders to probe BSM models via their Higgs sector and in unraveling the nature of Dark Matter via model building and experimental probes such as Direct Detection type experiments.

  • Elin Bergman

    Elin Bergman

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Political Science

    BioElin Bergman is Wallenberg Postdoctoral Scholar at the Department of Political Science at Stanford University. She researches redistributive politics, in particular efforts to capture the political support of the low-income (poor) electorate through programmatic or clientelist means. The geographical focus is Latin America.

    Bergman is currently working on several manuscripts about the determinants of conditional cash transfer (CCT) program adoption. The theory is based on the ability of cheap CCTs to simultaneously attract the support of the poor (CCT beneficiaries) and the tax-shy, clientelism-averse rich electorate. A cross-class coalition of poor and rich voters in favor of CCTs can explain why CCTs first emerged in Brazil and Mexico that both have long traditions of using clientelism and vote buying to win the support of the poor electorate.

    Bergman earned her PhD degree in political science at Göteborgs universitet, Sweden, in 2019. She has previously studied at the University of Chicago and Uppsala universitet.