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  • Hector Miguel Callejas

    Hector Miguel Callejas


    BioDr. Hector M. Callejas is an IDEAL Provostial Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford University. He received his Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

    Callejas is an interdisciplinary and critical scholar of race, Indigeneity, and culture in contemporary society, with a regional focus on Central America. His research and teaching focus on ethnic studies, sociocultural anthropology, Latin American and Latinx studies, Native American and Indigenous studies, and cultural studies. He uses ethnography and cultural analysis to critique power structures and theorize resistance, decolonization, and justice. He interprets the experiences and perspectives of marginalized communities within particular contexts, scales, and process of governance.

    He is working on two book projects in El Salvador. His current project explains how, why, and to what effects the Salvadoran Indigenous movement confronts White supremacy and the settler state. In addition to developing a book proposal, he is writing several related article-length manuscripts on the following topics: 1) Indigenous heritage tourism, 2) testimonios of Indigenous genocide, 3) international Indigenism, and 4) sacred site protection.

    ​He has begun to conceptualize a second project on the intersections of racial capitalism, the environment, migration, and national security.