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  • Yahui He

    Yahui He

    Ph.D. Student in Chinese, admitted Autumn 2017

    BioYahui He is a PhD candidate in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, specializing in Chinese archaeology. Her research interests include human-plant relationship, food production and consumption, and their discourses in the environmental and social dimensions of prehistoric China. Yahui's dissertation focuses on the interactions between long-term practices of plant-based food and drink, environmental shifts, and sociopolitical structures in the northern borderland region of China (today’s northern Shaanxi and south-central Inner Mongolia) during the Neolithic period. The research methodology primarily includes microfossil (starch, phytolith, and fungi ) and usewear analysis. In addition, she has been engaged in collaborative projects from other regions in mainland China and beyond (Erlitou, Taiwan, Honduras, etc.) and a series of experimental studies.