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  • Roanne Kantor

    Roanne Kantor

    Assistant Professor of English
    On Leave from 10/01/2023 To 06/30/2024

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsGlobal Anglophone literature and its relationship to other literary traditions of the Global South. The conditions for interdisciplinary research in the humanities, especially literature's relationship with medicine and the social sciences.

  • Elizabeth Kessler

    Elizabeth Kessler


    BioElizabeth Kessler’s research and teaching focus on twentieth and twenty-first century American visual culture. Her diverse interests include: the role of aesthetics, visual culture, and media in modern and contemporary science, especially astronomy; the interchange between technology and ways of seeing and representing; the history of photography; and the representation of fashion in different media. Her first book, Picturing the Cosmos: Hubble Space Telescope Images and the Astronomical Sublime, on the aesthetics of deep space images, was published in 2012. She’s currently writing on book on extraterrestrial time capsules, as well as developing a new project on fashion photography.

  • Suchismito Khatua

    Suchismito Khatua

    Ph.D. Student in Modern Thought and Literature, admitted Autumn 2023

    BioIf art is contingent rather than necessary, and often distinct from lived experience, how can it be mobilized to effect political change? In broaching this question, Suchismito Khatua’s research girdles the idea of the avant-garde, and its many figurations in a transnational and translational frame. Thus far, Smito has studied, presented, and published on the theory of the avant-garde, modernist “minor”/ “underground” literary cultures in the Bangla, Hindi, and Marathi languages, and concomitant histories of far-left militancy in post-independence India. His current interests span the critical theory of the Frankfurt School, histories of labor, subalternity, and resistance, theories of affect and sexuality, psychoanalysis, and translation.
    Smito was formerly affiliated with the Centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where he worked as a UGC Research Fellow and Undergraduate Course Instructor. In 2022, he was a visiting fellow in the research cluster “Temporal Communities: Doing Literature in a Global Perspective” and the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School at Freie Universität Berlin.
    Much of Smito’s thinking on living, and love, sweeps along a scissored trajectory of anarcho-communism and intersectional, anti-assimilationist queer politics. Poetry sustains him.

  • Matthew Kohrman

    Matthew Kohrman

    Associate Professor of Anthropology, and by courtesy, of Medicine (Stanford Prevention and Research Center) and Senior Fellow, by courtesy, at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

    BioMatthew Kohrman’s research and writing bring anthropological methods to bear on the ways health, culture, and politics are interrelated. Focusing on the People's Republic of China, he engages various intellectual terrains such as governmentality, gender theory, political economy, critical science studies, narrativity, and embodiment. His first monograph, Bodies of Difference: Experiences of Disability and Institutional Advocacy in the Making of Modern China, raises questions about how embodied aspects of human existence, such as our gender, such as our ability to propel ourselves through space as walkers, cyclists and workers, become founts for the building of new state apparatuses of social provision, in particular, disability-advocacy organizations. Over the last decade, Prof. Kohrman has been involved in research aimed at analyzing and intervening in the biopolitics of cigarette smoking among Chinese citizens. This work, as seen in his recently edited volume--Poisonous Pandas: Chinese Cigarette Manufacturing in Critical Historical Perspectives--expands upon heuristic themes of his earlier disability research and engages in novel ways techniques of public health, political philosophy, and spatial history. More recently, he has begun projects linking ongoing interests at the intersection of phenomenology and political economy with questions regarding environmental attunement and the arts.

  • Marci Kwon

    Marci Kwon

    Assistant Professor of Art and Art History

    BioMarci Kwon specializes in art and culture of the United States. Her research and teaching interests include the intersection of fine art and vernacular practice, theories of modernism, cultural exchange between Asia and the Americas, "folk" and "self-taught" art, and issues of race and objecthood. Her current book project considers the work of Joseph Cornell and the desire for a populist art in the mid-century United States. She is also working on a study of the intersections of art and anthropology in American modernism.