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  • Leonora Kaldaras

    Leonora Kaldaras

    Research Assistant, Physics
    Staff, Physics

    BioI am a visiting scholar working with Dr. Wieman. My work focuses on designing equitable learning environments and assessments to support students in developing deep understanding of big ideas in science. My prior published work centers around developing and validating learning progressions in the fields of Physical Science and Chemistry aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). My past research experience includes testing and validating machine learning (ML) approaches for automatic scoring of performance assessments in science. I have worked with teachers and students in a wide range of educational settings, including middle, high school and undergraduate gateway courses in science. I am a co-author of award-winning NGSS-aligned curriculum materials for high school called “Interactions”. My research with Dr. Wieman focuses on designing approaches to support mathematical sense-making in science using PhET simulations across various STEM disciplines and educational levels.