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  • Omer Karaduman

    Omer Karaduman

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Economics

    BioPrior to coming to Stanford, Omer completed his Ph.D. in Economics at MIT in 2020, and got his bachelor's degree in Economics from Bilkent University in 2014.

    His research focuses on the transition of the energy sector towards a decarbonized and sustainable future. In his research, he utilizes large datasets by using game-theoretical modeling to have practical policy suggestions.

    Omer's Ph.D. research focused on the transition to a low carbon electricity system at the wholesale level. His thesis developed a framework that allows us to estimate the impact of large-scale battery and renewable investment in an imperfectly competitive electricity market. He worked on the social and private benefits of grid-scale energy storage and the need for policies that complement investments in renewables with encouraging energy storage and investigated the impact of large-scale renewable investment in the wholesale electricity market in terms of price and emissions.

    He is currently working on using large-scale energy storage as a transmission asset, the impact of large EV uptake on the wholesale electricity market, and carbon pricing in the electricity industry.

  • Lara Kirfel

    Lara Kirfel

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychology

    BioI am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Causality in Cognition Lab at Stanford. My research focusses on causal and modal cognition, moral psychology and epistemology.

  • Eline R Kupers

    Eline R Kupers

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychology

    BioEline Kupers is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with Professor Kalanit Grill-Spector in the Psychology Department. Her research focuses on how visual information is processed in space and time in the human brain. She uses psychophysics, eye tracking, and neuroimaging techniques (MRI, EEG/MEG) in combination with computational modeling to answer her research questions.

    Eline received her PhD from New York University, working with Professor Jonathan Winawer and Professor Marisa Carrasco. During her graduate studies, she worked on models of the human visual system that describe the first steps in seeing (from the retina to primary visual cortex). In her postdoctoral work, she continues to work on computational models of vision, but focuses on the neural mechanisms involved in high-level vision.

  • Shiro Kuriwaki

    Shiro Kuriwaki

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Political Science

    BioI received my Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2021. My research studies how electoral politics translates into democratic policymaking, especially in modern American Politics. I also develop statistical software to improve the measurement of public opinion and electoral behavior. My postdoctoral work at Stanford will include research with Professor Doug Rivers on new data and survey methods for describing the microgeography of electoral behavior. From July 2022, I will join the faculty at Yale University as Assistant Professor of Political Science.