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  • Nicholas M. Riley

    Nicholas M. Riley

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemistry

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsAs a postdoctoral researcher in the Bertozzi group, I am investigating new ways to study and modify cell surfaces in cancer cells to understand tumor progression. Through chemical tools to label and engineer mucin-type proteins and sialosides in the cancer glycocalyx (the collection of cell surface glycoconjugates), I aim to understand the role of glycosylation in cancer metastasis and how to develop new therapeutic strategies based on this knowledge.

  • Roi Rutenberg

    Roi Rutenberg

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemistry

    BioRoi received his B.Sc. in chemistry from Tel Aviv University, where he apprenticed for Prof. Gali Prag (Ubiquitin bioinformatical array), Prof. Yoel Kashman (secondary metabolite extraction and identification), and Prof. Yael Roichman (soft matter confocal microscopy). His M.Sc. thesis in mechanistic organic synthesis as part of Tel Aviv University’s biological and medicinal chemistry program focused on the elucidation of a new N-acylation pathway in aminocoumarin-based synthetic derivatives under the guidance of Prof. Micha Fridman. During his Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he developed new nanotechnological tools for the successful delivery of active agents across membranal systems in the labs of Dr. Lena Poverenov and Prof. Eli Falik. There, he revealed new insights into biopolymer-based materials and architectures, established their use as dual phase transport nanotools, and devised a strategy to incorporate them in applicative biological settings. Continuing his passion for biomaterials chemistry, he then progressed to postdoctoral studies with Prof. Lynette Cegelski at Stanford University’s department of chemistry, where he is currently working on natural cellulose modification as a new approach to multiple applicative explorations. For his work, he was awarded the Greenstein foundation excellence award, the Gordon foundation scholarship, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s outstanding Ph.D. research award. Other accolades include the Bühler engineering award, the European Federation of Chemical Engineering award, and the DTG research and innovation Award.