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  • Xiao Wu

    Xiao Wu

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Statistics

    BioXiao Wu is a Data Science Fellow at Stanford Data Science, where he works with Professor Trevor Hastie in the Department of Statistics. His research interests lie in developing statistical and causal inference methods to address methodological needs in climate and health research. The key goal of his research is to provide scientific evidence on the health impacts of environmental factors in an age of rapidly changing climate.

    Before coming to Stanford, he completed his Ph.D. training in the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University, where he was advised by Dr. Francesca Dominici and Dr. Danielle Braun. His dissertation focuses on developing robust and interpretable causal inference methods to handle error-prone, continuous, and time-series exposures. He is also working on collaborative projects to design Bayesian clinical trials, meta-analyses, and real-world evidence studies.