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  • William Tanner Allread

    William Tanner Allread

    Ph.D. Student in History, admitted Autumn 2019

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsIndigenous History, U.S. Legal History, History of U.S. Empire, Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law, Law of the Territories, Race and the Law, Constitutional Law, Property Law, Environmental Law

  • Mathew Ayodele

    Mathew Ayodele

    Ph.D. Student in History, admitted Autumn 2022
    Ph.D. Minor, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

    BioMathew Ayodele is a PhD student in the Department of History at Stanford University. His research interest focuses on the Colonial and Postcolonial Histories of Africa, particularly the religious, gender, and medical history in West Africa. He is primarily interested in interrogating the social history of medicine, medical pluralism, Christian missionaries' interplay, and reproductive health in colonial and postcolonial Nigeria. Mathew is also interested in women's sports history within the context of gender, religion, and media politics in the late 20th century in Nigeria.

  • Farah Bazzi

    Farah Bazzi

    Ph.D. Student in History, admitted Autumn 2018

    BioFarah Bazzi was born in Lebanon and raised in The Netherlands. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in early modern global history at Stanford University. Farah’s work attempts to bridge both Mediterranean and Atlantic history by focusing on how objects, people, and imaginations moved between the Ottoman world, Morocco, Iberia, and the Americas during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Furthermore, Farah’s research interests include environmental thought, race, indigeneity, cosmology, cartography, and technologies of conquest. In her dissertation, Farah looks at the expulsion of the moriscos and their presence in the Americas, Morocco, and the Ottoman Empire from a socio-environmental perspective. In addition to this, Farah is interested the construction of Al-Andalus as an aesthetically appealing, pursuable, and transplantable natural and racialized landscape in Spanish, Arabic, and Ottoman sources.

    Currently, Farah is one of the project founders and managers of the ‘Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic’ project sponsored by CESTA, the History Department, and the Division of Languages and Cultures. She is also the graduate coordinator for the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (CMEMS) at Stanford and the Graduate Student Counselor (director) on the board of the Renaissance Society of America (RSA).

  • Alina Bykova

    Alina Bykova

    Ph.D. Student in History, admitted Autumn 2020
    Research Assistant, FSI - CISAC
    Other Tech - Graduate, History Department

    BioAlina is a PhD candidate in Russian and East European History. Her research interests include Arctic and Soviet environmental history with a focus on energy and industry. Alina is writing her dissertation on the history of energy and extraction on Svalbard, Norway. She also works as a research associate and editor-in-chief at The Arctic Institute, an interdisciplinary think tank.

    Alina earned her masters in European and Russian Affairs from the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto in 2019. Her masters thesis was about the rise and fall of Soviet mining settlements on Svalbard. Prior to her work in academia, she completed a Bachelor of Journalism at Ryerson University and worked as a breaking news reporter at the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper.

  • Marina Del Cassio

    Marina Del Cassio

    Ph.D. Student in History, admitted Autumn 2022

    BioMarina Del Cassio is a history Ph.D. student focused on wildfire and water in California. She is particularly interested in learning from Native land stewardship practices, and in probing the nineteenth-century origins of California’s water rights, land use, and wildfire liability regimes. Her work aims to support pathways to sustainability and environmental justice. Before coming to Stanford, Marina practiced environmental law in San Francisco and clerked on the Ninth Circuit and the California Supreme Court. She holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School.