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  • Clark Seninger

    Clark Seninger

    Executive Director, Stanford Center for Digital Health, Med/Center for Digital Health (CDH)

    BioI am an experienced team leader with a proven track record of delivering results and helping partners achieve goals, optimize organizational strategy, and explore new frontiers.

    My background includes experience in program and project management, operations, business development, marketing, business strategy, and managing B2B relationships. I’m a builder, problem solver, and I’m always looking for ways to make things more efficient: better, faster, cheaper. I have experience working with executives, directors, and senior management in pharma, biotech, clinical research, academia, and Big Tech, and I love building relationships and collaborating to solve complex problems. I have a strong knowledge of industry trends including consumer health, AI & ML, digital biomarker development, predictive analytics, mobile health, software as a medical device, wearable sensors, remote patient monitoring, and clinical research pathways and process requirements. I’ve helped build products and develop technologies in the startup space and in academic research settings. I have experience managing large, interdisciplinary teams and diverse portfolios of projects and programs. I have managed teams and projects using a variety of project management methods including Agile and Scrum.

    I thrive in fast moving environments that require agility and adaptability. I am passionate about building strong interpersonal relationships and am an effective communicator in all mediums. I have extensive experience in technical and professional writing. I welcome collaboration with others that share the vision of a future built on science, technology, and the well- being of the individual.