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  • Lucia Aronica

    Lucia Aronica

    Casual - Non-Exempt, Medicine - Med/Stanford Prevention Research Center

    BioFor over fifteen years, my research has focused on epigenetics - how environmental factors can influence gene activity and health outcomes. Unlike fixed genetics, epigenetic modifications are flexible and can store cellular memories from diet, stress, toxins, etc. This offers exciting potential for personalized health, as epigenetic markers can reveal susceptibility for exposure-driven diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

    I currently lead epigenetic analysis for the DIETFITS study by Dr. Christopher Gardner, the largest trial ever on low carb versus low fat diets for weight loss. My goal is to understand how weight loss alters gene activity through epigenetic changes, and whether these biomarkers can guide personalized diet strategies.

    I also teach Nutritional Genomics at Stanford Continuing Studies, Stanford Sports Medicine, and the Stanford Center for Professional Development. As an award-winning science communicator, I use innovative formats like digital drawings to explain complex epigenetics concepts.

    Additionally, I serve as an advisor to personal genomics companies, self-tracking technology startups, and investors in precision health research. I am passionate about translating epigenetics into practical lifestyle advice to optimize wellbeing.