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  • Eve Carlson

    Eve Carlson

    Clinical Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

    BioEve Carlson is a Clinical Professor who focuses on fostering mental health after traumatic stress. She is a clinical psychologist and a researcher with the National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder’s Dissemination and Training Division and a Research Scientist with the Division of Health Equity Research in Stanford Health Care’s Office of Research, Patient Care Services. She collaborates with faculty in Surgery (David Spain), Medicine (Lisa Shieh), and Psychiatry (Jose Maldonado) to study mental health of patients hospitalized after sudden, severe illness or injury, racial/ethnic disparities in traumatic stress risks and responses, screening for risk of mental health problems, and preventive mental health care. Currently, Dr. Carlson and Dr. Spain are Co-PIs of a multi-center study funded by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities that has developed and validated a mental health risk screen for hospital patients admitted after sudden, severe illness or injury. Data from patients who identify as Asian American/Pacific Islander, Black, Latinx, Multiracial, and White were analyzed to select screen items, and its performance is strong within these ethnic/racial groups. The study also found disparities across ethnic/racial groups in several traumatic stress risk factors and mental health responses. Dr. Carlson is Co-PI with Dr. Shieh of a study funded by Stanford RISE of mental health recovery in Latinx and non-Latinx COVID-19 patients.