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  • Cristina Cadenas Sanchez

    Cristina Cadenas Sanchez

    Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar, Medicine - Med/Cardiovascular Medicine

    BioDr. Cadenas-Sanchez is a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University and at the Palo Alto VA Health Care System. Her research is focused on: i) the effect of exercise program on brain and physical health in children with obesity; ii) the effect of exercise on different fat depots (intermuscular, pancreatic, visceral, subcutaneous, and hepatic fat) in children with obesity; and iii) the cancer and non-communicable disease prevention through physical fitness/physical activity. She is currently running as principal investigator the PreCaFit (Prevention Cancer through physical fitness, European Union-funded) project which examines the relationship between fitness, physical activity and cancer. Further, to ensure the scalability of the results, PreCaFit project will examine the effects of exercise on cancer biomarkers.

    She earned her bachelor's, master's and doctorate's degree from the University of Granada (Spain). She has more than 100 scientific articles (indexed in Journal Citation report), and several books and book-chapters published. Some of the articles have been published in high-impact journals (JAMA Network Open, Diabetes Care, Sports Medicine, Journal of Hepatology, etc.), of which four are/have been considered as highly cited papers (Thomson Reuters). She is recognized as a worldwide expert (among top-15) on physical fitness and cardiorespiratory fitness by ExpertScape. She was also selected as one of the most highlighted Spanish women researcher (including non-Spanish women but working in a Spanish institution) by the Spanish National Research Council. Also, she has received several awards as best young researcher.

  • Rene Caissie

    Rene Caissie

    Adjunct Professor, Primary Care and Population Health

    BioWith a distinguished 15-year career in healthcare, Dr. Caissie is a surgeon, researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur. As the CEO and Co-Founder of, and an Adjunct Professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine, he teaches healthcare entrepreneurship while contributing to the development of the next healthcare prize as part of the XPRIZE Brain Trust Team. Additionally, he is a Faculty Affiliate at the Stanford Center for Digital Health.

    In addition to serving as a Venture Partner at OVO Fund and a recent Sloan Fellow at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Dr. Caissie has held prestigious positions at the University of Montreal and McGill University. As the former Chief of Maxillofacial Surgery at Montreal's HSC, he is a National Board Examiner and a Fellow of the Royal College in his specialty. His research includes publications on nerve regeneration and clinical maxillofacial surgery.

    Dr. Caissie's medical expertise has spurred the creation of several healthcare ventures, such as Medesync EMR, which was acquired by the $37 billion telecommunications giant, Telus. Amid the Covid-19 crisis, he played a crucial role in developing a powered Full Head Protective Hood with an air-purifying respirator and co-founding Dorma Filtration, which introduced Canada's first reusable N95 mask.

    Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Caissie is an avid mountain climber, sailboat trans-oceanic racer, SR22 Turbo aircraft pilot, and Ironman World Championship qualifier. His dedication to humanitarian work is evident through his NGO, Volte-Face, which has provided over $1 million in free medical care for life-changing surgeries to underprivileged patients. As a board member for Sprouts, a California-based non-profit, Dr. Caissie supports disadvantaged youths through skills coaching and internships.

  • Alison Callahan

    Alison Callahan

    Instructor, Medicine - Biomedical Informatics Research

    BioAlison Callahan is an Instructor in the Center for Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Data Scientist in the Stanford Health Care Data Science team led by Nigam Shah. Her current research uses informatics to expand and improve the data available about pregnancy and birth, and to develop and maintain and EHR-derived obstetric database. She is also the co-leader of the OHDSI Perinatal & Reproductive Health (PRHeG) working group. Her work in the SHC Data Science team focuses on developing and implementing methods to assess and identify high value applications of machine learning in healthcare settings.

    Alison completed her PhD in the Department of Biology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Her doctoral research focused on developing HyQue, a framework for representing and evaluating scientific hypotheses, and applying this framework to discover genes related to aging. She was also a developer for Bio2RDF, an open-source project to build and provide the largest network of Linked Data for the life sciences. Her postdoctoral work at Stanford applied methodologies developed during her PhD to study spinal cord injury in model organisms and humans in a collaboration with scientists at the University of Miami.