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  • Somalee Datta, PhD

    Somalee Datta, PhD

    Director of Research IT, SoM - IRT Research Technology

    Current Role at StanfordI am currently the Director of Research IT at School of Medicine (SoM) Information Resources and Technology (IRT). This is a newly created division in support of Stanford's Precision Health Strategy. Research IT exists to supply infrastructure, tools, and services used by researchers, patients/participants, and clinicians to collect and combine data to make discoveries and to improve human health and wellness. A major effort of our group will be the creation of a large-scale Data Commons that strives to aggregate, link and provide access to a wide variety of data sets - clinical, imaging, omics, wearable, population health - to propel Big Data driven biomedical research and translation. This will be done in close collaboration with many groups throughout Stanford.

    I joined Stanford in Oct 2012 as the Director of Bioinformatics at Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine (SCGPM). My responsibility at the Center was to develop and lead the bioinformatics team and establish a genomics data analysis facility. Currently, SCGPM bioinformatics team is comprised of a dozen scientists and software engineers. The team has a wide range of skill sets including various omics, computational biology, machine learning, software engineering, data management, Databases, Visualization, High Performance Computing, IT, and Cloud DevOps. The team is currently supporting several large scale research and clinical programs at Stanford including prestigious consortium efforts and inter-disciplinary collaborations.

    Among our various efforts at SCGPM is Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center, a Big Data Biomedical and Bioinformatics Core Facility, created in 2013 to streamline the availability of infrastructure to the wider biomedical community at Stanford and our research affiliates. The Core facility provides best-in-class high performance computational systems, scalable Cloud computing and cutting edge bioinformatics services for the Stanford community.

  • Patty Purpur de Vries

    Patty Purpur de Vries

    Director of Strategic Projects, SoM - Physician Wellness

    Current Role at StanfordDirector: Stanford Health Promotion Network
    Director of Strategic Projects, Stanford WellMD Center

  • Jennifer Deitz

    Jennifer Deitz

    Adm Svcs Admstr 3, School of Medicine - Student Affairs

    Current Role at StanfordDirector of Research and Evaluation. Oversee a team of researchers, analysts, evaluators and scholars. Together, we work to promote medical education and innovation through rigorous research and evaluation, and to improve knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning by engaging a local and national community of educator scholars.

    We conduct qualitative and quantitative research; develop and manage technical systems to support evaluation, curriculum management, and assessment. We support strategy, implementation and outcomes assessment for major initiatives and innovations in education, and we publish and present at national conferences.

    We've made important contributions to major initiatives and programs in the School of Medicine including:

    -- Educators for Care (E4C) mentorship program
    -- Criterion-Based Evaluation System (CBES) - an improved grading and assessment system for required clerkships
    -- Robert Wood Johnson Foundation "Reimagining Medical Education" project - multi-institutional development of a flexible and exportable video modules and interactive in-class session for microbiology
    -- iPad Initiative - introducing use of iPads into pre-clerkship and clerkship education
    -- Ongoing study and monitoring of student wellness and the learning environment

  • Tina M Del Cont

    Tina M Del Cont

    Product Manager, Stanford Profiles (CAP), SoM - Information Resources & Technology

    Current Role at StanfordI am the Product Manager for CAP Stanford Profiles and Project Manager of the CAP University-Wide Project. CAP stands for Community Academic Profiles. I work directly with the CAP development team in IRT Application Services in the School of Medicine. On this project, I also work with a university-wide project team, the CAP Stanford Working Group, made up of members from many of the Stanford schools and organizations. In June of 2014, we started the CAP Drupal Module Working Group. The purpose of this group is to review and improve the integration process with CAP by expanding and enhancing the CAP Drupal Module with an open-source contribution approach (an initiative started and led by SWS in collaboration with the CAP Drupal Module user community).

    If you are interested in becoming part of the CAP University-Wide Project, which includes the new Stanford Profiles public web site, or would like more information on integrating your web site with CAP, contact me at

  • Lyn Denend

    Lyn Denend

    Director, Academic Programs, Stanford Biodesign, School of Medicine - MDRP'S - Biodesign Program

    Current Role at StanfordDirector for Academic Programs, Stanford Biodesign