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  • Ellie Diamond

    Ellie Diamond

    Masters Student in Epidemiology and Clinical Research, admitted Autumn 2023

    BioEllie holds a B.S. in Community Development & Applied Economics with a concentration in Community and International Development and Entrepreneurship from the University of Vermont. Ellie has previously worked as Research and Communications Fellow for Advance Vermont where she led the Vermont Credential Transparency Project. She also worked for the Vermont Department of Labor in the Economic and Labor Market Division, where she worked with interdisciplinary teams to develop and analyze a fringe benefits survey sent to Vermont Employers to learn more about wellness programs and incentives across the state. She also has experience as a medical assistant at a 3-physician internal medicine practice in Burlington, Vermont. Ellie enjoys running, cycling, and cross-country skiing.

  • Jimbo Dickerson

    Jimbo Dickerson

    Masters Student in Health Policy, admitted Autumn 2022
    Fellow in Graduate Medical Education

    BioI am a medical oncology fellow with a clinical focus on breast cancer, and a research focus on examining cancer care delivery and resource allocation in both high- and low-income contexts. I am currently in my final year of fellowship, working on a Masters in health policy, and doing post-doctoral research on a T32 in the health policy department. My post-doctoral work is divided between domestic policy research, which focuses on analyzing cost and care variation, and global oncology projects, which concentrate on implementation and care delivery.

  • Ramzi Emanuel Dudum

    Ramzi Emanuel Dudum

    Clinical Scholar, Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine
    Postdoctoral Scholar, General Internal Medicine
    Masters Student in Health Policy, admitted Autumn 2022

    BioDr. Dudum is a cardiologist, public health specialist, and outcomes researcher working to develop novel risk prediction methods and implementation strategies to create practices and systems that allow for reductions in cardiovascular disease. He completed a Masters in Public Health at Johns Hopkins concentrating in epidemiology and biostatistics and a Doctorate of Medicine at George Washington University. He is currently a candidate for a Masters of Science in Health Policy at Stanford.

    He completed internal medicine residency training as part of the Osler Medical Service, where he worked under the mentorship of Drs. Roger Blumenthal and Michael Blaha to study improving cardiovascular risk prediction and coronary artery calcium. Given his focus on population health and implementation science, he also helped launch and refine risk adjustment tools and implemented guideline-directed medical care pathways. During his time there, he was recognized for his clinical acumen and dedication to patient care.

    He came to Stanford for his cardiovascular medicine fellowship and continued research in coronary artery calcium under the mentorship of Drs. David Maron and Fatima Rodriguez while also conducting cardiovascular health implementation science work under the mentorship of Dr. Steve Asch. He serves as the co-investigator of a prospective randomized trial testing the effects of notification of incidental coronary artery calcium on statin initiation rates among those with and without cardiovascular disease (NCT 05588895). He has worked with hospital leaders to implement digital health and artificial intelligence tools, creating the infrastructure for the prospective use of AI-algorithms on radiology studies. As a preventive cardiologist and population health specialist, he leads efforts in the preventive cardiology section related to improving cardiovascular health.