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  • Halley Darrach

    Halley Darrach

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    Resident in Surgery - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    BioHalley Darrach is a plastic and reconstructive surgery resident (2020-2027) at Stanford Health. She is currently completing a professional development year with ReSurge International, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing global access to reconstructive surgery through surgeon education and sustainable, local-driven initiatives.

    Dr. Darrach received her medical degree from Johns Hopkins and her bachelor's in cellular biology from California State University Northridge. While at Hopkins, she completed a dedicated research fellowship studying oncologic reconstruction outcomes under the mentorship of Dr. Justin Sacks and worked as a medical illustrator designing patient and surgeon education tools.

    Prior to residency, she spent several years conducting astrobiology research at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and was the first hire at a biotech startup company, where she helped adapt NASA technology for medical and counterterrorism applications. Outside of the OR, she enjoys figure drawing, long-distance swimming, and travelling the world in search of new favourite cuisines.

    Dr. Darrach's research interests include gender affirming surgery, oncologic reconstruction, ethnic plastic surgery, societal perceptions of deformity, and use of medical illustration in patient and surgeon education.