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  • Noelle Hanako Ebel

    Noelle Hanako Ebel

    Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics - Gastroenterology

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsCurrent projects include:
    -indications for combined heart-liver transplantation
    -mitigating perioperative bleeding during cardiac surgery in children with Alagille syndrome
    -congenital heart disease and liver transplantation
    -subspecialty advocacy

  • Essam Ibraheem Elknawy

    Essam Ibraheem Elknawy

    Visiting Instructor, Pediatrics - Gastroenterology

    BioI am currently serving as a research fellow in pediatric gastroenterology department at Stanford University Medical Centre. I am an ECFMG Certified Physician. Over the past year, I have effectively immersed myself in the U.S. healthcare system. I am actively engaging in outpatient and inpatient services, as well as the operating room. Concurrently, I am involved in various IBD-related research projects. With six months of U.S. clinical experience (USCE) in pediatrics and three years of clinical practice in Egypt, I bring a well-rounded perspective. I graduated with honors from Mansoura University School of Medicine in 2020. My academic excellence is complemented by a robust track record in clinical research, evident through ongoing papers, posters, and oral presentations. My primary role centered on the execution of clinical research, with some laboratory work complementing it. I am currently the primary author for a study titled "Clinical Outcomes and Safety of Infliximab and Vedolizumab as Initial Biological Therapy in Pediatric Patients with Mild to Moderate IBD." Additionally, I contributed as the third author to another research project titled "Patient-Derived Organoids Illuminate a Mitochondrial Bioenergetic Inefficiency Associated with Decoupling in the Colon Epithelia of Pediatric Patients with Ulcerative Colitis." Proficiency in English, both spoken and written, is a point of pride for me. Beyond medicine, I find fulfilment in volunteering within underserved and disadvantaged communities. Athletics play a significant role in my life, and I am passionate about sports such as soccer, basketball, and fitness training. An Egyptian physician raised in the United Arab Emirates, I am dedicated to pursuing a career as a pediatric gastroenterologist in the United States.

  • Carlos O. Esquivel, M.D., Ph.D.,FACS

    Carlos O. Esquivel, M.D., Ph.D.,FACS

    Arnold and Barbara Silverman Professor in Pediatric Transplantation and Professor of Surgery (Abdominal Transplantation) and of Pediatrics (Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition)

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests1) Induction of immunotolerance
    2) Rejection of liver and intestinal transplantation.
    3) Clinical outcomes of children with unresectable liver tumors.