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  • Douglas D. Franz

    Douglas D. Franz

    Postdoctoral Medical Fellow, Nephrology

    BioDouglas D. Franz, MD, MPH, is a board-certified nephrologist and advanced geriatrics fellow with Veterans Affairs in Palo Alto and Stanford University. He enjoys taking care of patients with kidney disease and serving our veterans. Dr Franz has a particular interest in the management of kidney dysfunction in patients with advanced heart failure as well as in patients with peripheral vascular disease. He is training to further his skills in epidemiology and clinical research with particular interest in utilizing large databases to investigate his questions and mastering contemporary statistical methods combined with new graphical software to vividly illustrate his findings. His goal is to become an independent investigator and operate a clinical research lab in his specialty.

    Dr. Franz is a burgeoning triathlete. He finished his first Olympic Tri in 2019 and is now training for his 1st half-Ironman in 2020. He also plays guitar and is an avid reader, listening to 2 books per week on his commute. Primarily, he enjoys spending time with my wife, their daughter, and their wheaten terrier.