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  • Rebecca M. Gardner

    Rebecca M. Gardner

    Ph.D. Student in Epidemiology and Clinical Research, admitted Autumn 2022

    BioI'm a first year PhD student in Epidemiology & Clinical Research with an emphasis on maternal health and well-being. I am interested in using novel causal methods to identify risk factors for prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety; and performing meta-analyses to identify the most effective treatments for postpartum mental illness. From a health services research perspective, I am interested in postpartum depression screening and both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatment options. Ultimately, I would like to design and implement multimodal interventions to reduce postpartum depression morbidity, thereby promoting the well-being of mothers, children, and families. I am also interested in studying the connection between adverse pregnancy outcomes and long-term outcomes like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

    Before starting a PhD, I was a biostatistician in the Quantitative Sciences Unit at Stanford for four years where I co-authored over twenty publications, collaborating with clinicians on various domains including developmental behavioral pediatrics, reproductive endocrinology & infertility, oncology, and clinical trials. I completed my MS in Statistics at Brigham Young University in 2016, where I collaborated with cardiologists to develop a new approach to diagnose rheumatic heart disease in pediatric patients in Samoa for my Master's thesis.

    In my free time, I moderate a local book club, teach little kids how to read, and spend time with my husband and our two young children.