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  • Kimberly Horstman

    Kimberly Horstman

    Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics

    BioI came late to medicine, entering medical school after a career editing children's educational books. After graduating from USC Keck School of Medicine and completing my residency at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, I worked briefly in the outpatient setting, and then started my career as a Pediatric Hospitalist in 2006. Since 2016, I have functioned primarily as a Neonatal Hospitalist at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, CA, taking care of well newborns and Level 2 and 3 NICU patients, as well as attending deliveries and performing newborn procedures.

  • Machiko Hosoki

    Machiko Hosoki

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsReading problem in bilingual children in elementary school

  • Deborah Hsu, MD, MEd

    Deborah Hsu, MD, MEd

    Professor of Emergency Medicine (Pediatrics) and, by courtesy, of Pediatrics (Hospital Medicine)

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsCompetency-based medical education; assessment; curriculum development; professional development

    Recent projects:
    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Milestones Work Group. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Milestones. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. April 2022. Access at

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Milestones Work Group. Supplemental Guide: Pediatric Emergency Medicine. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. April 2022. Access at

    Hsu D, Aye T, Carraccio C, Goodman D, Johnson T, and Ryan S. EPAs that are common to all subspecialties: Lead within the subspecialty profession. American Board of Pediatrics Information for Program Directors. April 2017. Access at

    Hsu D, Nypaver M, Chang T, Chapman J, Dahl-Grove D, Eldridge C, Fein D, Heffner V, Herman B, House J, Jacobs E, Klasner A, Kennedy C, Langhan M, Lumba A, Madhok M, McAneney C, Mittiga M, Nagler J, Ramirez J, Reynolds S, Roskind C, Santen S, Stankovic C, Titus MO, Thompson T, Zaveri P, Zuckerbraun N, and Kou M. Subspecialty-Specific EPAs: Pediatric Emergency Medicine Entrustable Professional Activities. American Board of Pediatrics Information for Program Directors. March 2016. Access at

  • Joyce Hsu

    Joyce Hsu

    Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics - Rheumatology

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsPediatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus;

    Lupus Nephritis;

    Racial/Ethnic Differences in Pediatric Lupus Patients

    CARRA Registry

  • Lynne C. Huffman

    Lynne C. Huffman

    Professor (Teaching) of Pediatrics (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics) and, by courtesy, of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    On Partial Leave from 02/01/2024 To 08/31/2025

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsResearch interests and activities include (1) shared decision-making in clinical care; (2) medical education research; (3) the early identification and treatment of behavioral problems, particularly in children with special health care needs; and (4) community-based mental health/educational program evaluation and outcomes measurement.

  • Sohail Z Husain

    Sohail Z Husain

    Chambers-Okamura Endowed Professor of Pediatric Gastroenterology

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy research delves into three broad areas of the exocrine pancreas: (1) The crucial signaling pathways that initiate and transduce pancreatitis; (2) the factors that turn on pancreatic regeneration and recovery after pancreatic injury; and (3) the mechanisms underlying drug-induced pancreatitis.