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  • Sarah Izabel

    Sarah Izabel

    Ph.D. Student in Neurosciences, admitted Summer 2022

    BioSarah was born and raised in Brazil where she attended law school before moving to the United States and shifting her interest to Neuroscience. She completed majors in Biology and Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in 2020. At VCU, Sarah was part of the NIH-IMSD program and worked on uncovering mechanisms of axonal pathology in the lab of Dr. Jeff Dupree. She also worked on identifying the effects of income insecurity on decision-making in the lab of Dr. James Bjork. After graduating, Sarah worked at NIH as a UGSP Research Fellow and characterized a progranulin knockout mouse model in the lab of Dr. Alan Koretsky. She started her clinical work at NIH in the lab of Dr. Vijay Ramchandani where she worked to improve the diagnosis of alcohol use disorder. At Stanford, Sarah is interested in treating and managing neuropsychiatric disorders and increasing the representation of socially marginalized communities in research studies. When not in the lab Sarah enjoys reading, advocating for anti-poverty legislation, and hanging out with her son.