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  • Joel Imventarza

    Joel Imventarza

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Ophthalmology

    BioDr. Imventarza is an M.D. from Argentina and a scientist who is dedicated to making basic discoveries and improving vision care and treatment of patients. Dr. Imventarza received his M.D. degree from CEMIC University in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Shortly after, he initiated his ophthalmology residency at Escobar Eye Clinic. After completing residency, Imventarza completed the Argentine Society of Ophthalmology board examination, becoming a specialized ophthalmologist. He is trained in clinical consultations and surgical practices. He was an instructor for resident physicians and ophthalmic physicians in the clinical and surgical field.
    Dr. Imventarza joined Dr. Liao's lab in May 2021 to learn new research techniques and to conduct rigorous scientific research in order to improve designing feasible experiments that are relevant to human disease.
    The major areas of research is the understanding and treatment of human conditions that lead to retinal ganglion cell loss and irreversible thinning of the optic nerve.
    Dr. Imventarza uses animal model to study what happens to the optic nerve, retina, and brain.