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  • Shachar Lev Ari

    Shachar Lev Ari

    Visiting Instructor/Lecturer, Genetics

    BioI am a member and former Chair of the Department of Health Promotion, in the School of Public Health, in the Faculty of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University, former director, and founder of the Integrative Medicine Center & Research Laboratory at the Tel- Aviv Medical Center, and Head of the Health Promotion Unit in the Integrated Cancer Prevention Center. My training is in cellular biology, integrative medicine, intervention research, and health promotion science. I received the Outstanding Israeli Researcher for Complementary and Integrative Medicine award. The goal of my research is to unravel the biology, physiology, and psychology of health promotion approaches and translate findings into interventions that effectively target salutogenic mechanisms underpinning the biopsychology of well-being. I initiated the "lasting change" study and will co-lead this project in my current role as visiting scholar, at Prof. Michael Snyder's Lab, a global leader in precision health at Stanford University.

  • Jin Billy Li

    Jin Billy Li

    Professor of Genetics

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsThe Li Lab is primarily interested in RNA editing mediated by ADAR enzymes. We co-discovered that the major function of RNA editing is to label endogenous dsRNAs as "self" to avoid being recognized as "non-self" by MDA5, a host innate immune dsRNA sensor, leading us to pursue therapeutic applications in cancer, autoimmune diseases, and viral infection. The other major direction of the lab is to develop technologies to harness endogenous ADAR enzymes for site-specific transcriptome engineering.

  • Joseph (Joe) Lipsick

    Joseph (Joe) Lipsick

    Professor of Pathology and of Genetics

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsFunction and evolution of the Myb oncogene family; function and evolution of E2F transcriptional regulators and RB tumor suppressors; epigenetic regulation of chromatin and chromosomes; cancer genetics.