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  • Gernot Neumayer

    Gernot Neumayer

    Sr Res Scientist-Basic Life, Stem Cell Bio Regenerative Med Institute

    BioI am a passionate scientist with expertise in basic and translational research related to ageing, cancer, genomic instability, DNA damage response (HDR & NHEJ), genome editing (CRISPR), regenerative medicine (iPSCs), cellular identity (reprogramming), and proteomics (interactions, biomarkers, target identification). My extensive experience is reflected by 10 peer reviewed publications. I possess excellent communication and technical writing skills (English/German), as evidenced by collaborations with world renowned institutions and >$460,000 won from scholarships, grants & awards. Recent highlights: Postdoctoral Young Investigator Award from Stanford University for scientific merit, commitment & leadership; “Played a big part” in securing a CRISPR-based $5.1Mio grant for regenerative medicine at Stanford University; Poster prize (out of 77 entries) at the Department of Pathology, Stanford University 2019 research day.