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  • Sonia Onyeka

    Sonia Onyeka

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Dermatology

    BioDr. Sonia Onyeka MBBS MRCGP is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Dermatology at Stanford University working with Professor Eleni Linos. She received her medical degree from St. George's University of London and completed her residency in General Practice at the King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in South London.

    She discovered her love for dermatology whilst working as a resident and developed a keen interest in telemedicine as well as the management of conditions that disproportionately affect skin of color patients and the medically disenfranchised. Her research focuses on the remote monitoring of dermatological conditions in the elderly and minority populations.

    In her free time, Sonia enjoys traveling, exploring new restaurants, watching sci-fi movies and playing various sports including badminton and tennis.

  • Anthony Oro, MD, PhD

    Anthony Oro, MD, PhD

    Eugene and Gloria Bauer Professor

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsOur lab uses the skin to answer questions about epithelial stem cell biology, differentiation and carcinogenesis using genomics, genetics, and cell biological techniques. We have studied how hedgehog signaling regulates regeneration and skin cancer, and how tumors evolve to develop resistance. We study the mechanisms of early human skin development using human embryonic stem cells. These fundamentals studies provide a greater understanding of epithelial biology and novel disease therapeutics.