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  • Parth Patel

    Parth Patel

    Temp - Non-Exempt, Rad/Pediatric Radiology

    Current Role at StanfordAs a Software Developer at Stanford University, I am contributing to the Biomedical Informatics Research and Translation (BIRAT) initiative, where I am involved in transformative healthcare technologies. My role involves mastering full stack web development, conducting detailed software testing, evaluation, and documentation. Additionally, I am honing my skills in managing large datasets, implementing artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions, and enhancing computational resources. This position has allowed me to advance my technical expertise while supporting innovative research in the radiology department, ensuring the development of robust and efficient software solutions that meet the team’s needs.

  • Rosita Primavera

    Rosita Primavera

    Basic Life Research Scientist, Rad/Pediatric Radiology

    BioDr. Rosita Primavera is a Basic Life Research Scientist at Stanford University in the Department of Radiology/Pediatric Radiology. She has a MD in chemistry and pharmaceutical technology and a PhD degree in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnologies. Dr. Primavera has documented experience on the development of nano- and micro-drug delivery systems (DDS) as well as 3D-platforms for the treatment of different diseases. She has trained in developing DDS and 3D-platforms with different materials (synthetic or natural) and employing different techniques (e.g. top/down or bottom/up fabrication). In the last few years, her research interests are focused primarily on diabetes. She has been extensively trained on how to handle and process pancreatic islets from different origins (mouse, rat and human) and she has excellent knowledge and skills to manage and perform in vitro and in vivo experiments involving diabetic animals. She is currently working on the realization of on-commanded system mimicking pancreatic islet function; and both the role of 3D-bioscaffold in pancreatic islet transplantation and the role of the mesenchymal stem cell in the setting of diabetes using novel cellular approaches (i.e. co-transplantation with islets alone or within novel bioscaffolds).