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  • James H Reich

    James H Reich

    Adjunct Professor, Psych/General Psychiatry and Psychology (Adult)

    BioI attended U.C. Berkeley for my B.S. degree, the University of Colorado for my MD and U.C. Davis for my psychiatric residency and did a fellowship in Psychiatric Epidemiology at Yale. I have been faculty at the University of Iowa, Harvard and Brown. I have published over a hundred papers in peer reviewed journals, mostly in the areas of anxiety and personality. I also founded a medical society, the Association for Research in Personality Disorders (ARPD).

    Currently I am in private practice in San Francisco and teach at Stanford and UCSF. My treatment approaches for psychotherapy include CBT and mindfulness. I also do psychopharmacology which I have taught UCSF for many years.

    I am also a board certified forensic psychiatrist in private practice focusing largely on civil cases.