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  • Allison Tamara Siebern

    Allison Tamara Siebern

    Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences - Sleep Medicine

    BioDr. Allison Siebern, PhD, DAc, LAc, CBSM is a neuroscience-based doctor of acupuncture and clinical psychologist specializing in sleep, mood, and neurological health. She is board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

    She is a pioneer in the field of integrative sleep health as she blends her training and expertise in neuroscience-based acupuncture, cognitive behavioral medicine, psychophysiology, near-infrared transcranial photobiomodulation and clinical neuroscience to offer patients a variety of treatments and wellness options. Dr. Siebern's current research is on the intersection of scalp acupuncture and near-infrared transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) as neuromodulatory mechanisms to assist in improved symptom outcomes in neurodegenerative disorders.

    She is currently a sleep medicine psychologist with the Durham VA Medical Center and the Director of Integrative Sleep Wake Health, PLLC. Dr. Siebern is adjunct clinical faculty with the Stanford Sleep Center where she completed the sleep fellowship from 2008 to 2010 and stayed on as full-time faculty until 2015 where she served as Associate Director and Co-Fellowship Training Director and then Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program. She has been treating patients of all ages in the field of sleep medicine for 15 years. She consults with companies on sleep and neurological health science, is published in peer-reviewed journals, has given talks at national conferences, and has been interviewed with many media outlets such as Time. Dr. Siebern has a passion for the field of sleep health and believes in the importance of training future generations of sleep providers.

  • Dave Singh

    Dave Singh

    Adjunct Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences - Sleep Medicine

    BioDr Dave Singh is an Adjunct Professor in Sleep Medicine, where he is developing a Virtual Craniofacial Laboratory. He is a Board Member of the American Sleep and Breathing Association, Member of the World Sleep Society, Academic Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontists, and Fellow of the International Association for Orthodontics, where he was awarded prizes in 2005, 2013 and 2014. He has published over 200 articles in the peer-reviewed medical, dental and orthodontic literature, and has published 9 books/chapters. Dr. Singh was the 2019 recipient of the US Invisible Disabilities Association award for ‘providing the possibility of healthy lives for millions living with illness, pain and disability’. In 2020, Dr Singh was given a lifetime achievement award for his work on sleep apnea ‘exemplifying leadership, excellence, and entrepreneurship in service to humanity and the advancement of global health’. Currently, he is Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.