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  • Jane C. Tan

    Jane C. Tan

    Professor of Medicine (Nephrology)

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy research relates to issues pertaining to clinical kidney transplantation. We have ongoing studies on the following topics.
    1. Renal senescence and kidney transplant, and chronic allograft nephropathy.
    2. Living donor safety and response to uninephrectomy.
    3. Biomarkers for post-transplant monitoring.

  • Marilyn Tan

    Marilyn Tan

    Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine - Endocrinology, Gerontology, & Metabolism

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsType 2 diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance

  • Molly Tanenbaum

    Molly Tanenbaum

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Endocrinology, Gerontology, & Metabolism
    Clinical Assistant Professor (By courtesy), Pediatrics - Endocrinology and Diabetes

    BioDr. Tanenbaum is a clinical researcher committed to improving health and quality of life outcomes for people with diabetes. Dr. Tanenbaum’s research focuses on two main areas: 1) understanding and optimizing the role of technology (e.g. mobile technology/mHealth, diabetes devices, closed-loop systems), and the feedback technology provides, to improve diabetes management; and 2) understanding the emotional experience of living with diabetes. Her recent work has focused on developing a telehealth-based behavioral intervention for adults with type 1 diabetes to support adoption and sustained use of continuous glucose monitoring technology. She has expertise in using qualitative and mixed methods to take a human centered approach to understanding the context of living with and managing a chronic condition. Dr. Tanenbaum also has an interest in compassion-based approaches to addressing diabetes distress. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Tanenbaum provides consultation and behavioral medicine interventions with people living with diabetes.

  • Sana Laraib Tehal, MD

    Sana Laraib Tehal, MD

    Affiliate, Primary Care and Population Health

    BioDr Sana L. Tehal is currently working alongside three professors; Internal Medicine - Anuradha Phadke, MD (Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine); Geriatrics - Silvia Tee, MD (Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine); and Nephrology - Vivek Bhalla, MD (Associate Professor of Medicine and Director, Stanford Hypertension Center). Alongside clinical work, Dr Tehal’s current research interests at Stanford include Hepatitis B screening, remote blood pressure monitoring for improving hypertension, and investigating novel biomarkers for hypertension diagnosis. Dr Tehal is excited to participate in the match this year to start medical residency in 2024, and aspires to obtain a fellowship in community medicine or population health in the future.

    Driven by a passion for service and healthcare equity, Dr. Sana L. Tehal, a medical doctor from Malawi, now based in the US, is dedicated to improving access to healthcare for underserved communities globally. Dr Tehal previously completed volunteer internships serving underrepresented populations in Oakland and San Jose at Roots Community Health Care and Bay Area Community Health. Dr Tehal graduated with excellent standing from Dubai Medical College, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and served as a Medical Officer under the Dubai Health Authority, following her graduation. Throughout her career and in recent years, she has persistently worked to serve underprivileged communities in Dubai, Malawi, Cameroon with the United Nations, and now in the US.

    Dr Sana L. Tehal has received multiple awards for her research including on “Comparing outcomes of hospitalized patients (in the US) with Diabetic Ketoacidosis in teaching vs nonteaching hospitals from 2016 – 2019”, and multiple national awards in the UAE including for a concept paper around “Improving awareness on Diabetes Early Detection and Prevention in U.A.E”; for a presentation on “The relation between VDR-Fok 1 gene polymorphism to Pre-Menstrual Syndrome in adolescent females”; and on “Thyroid Cancer in Dubai: A Seven-Years Single Center Experience”.

    In her spare time, Dr Tehal is a keen artist, and uses art as means to relax and unwind, her favorite medium is acrylic on canvas and loves painting still life and landscapes.

  • Melinda L. Telli, M.D.

    Melinda L. Telli, M.D.

    Professor of Medicine (Oncology)

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy research focuses on the development of novel therapies for the treatment of triple-negative and hereditary cancer. Other areas of interest include prevention of cardiac damage associated with breast cancer treatment and cardiotoxicity of anti-cancer agents.