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  • Erika Veidis

    Erika Veidis

    Human and Planetary Health Program Manager, Primary Care and Population Health

    BioErika Veidis is the Planetary Health Program Manager for the Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health. Before joining the CIGH team, she spent three years at the Planetary Health Alliance, a non-profit organization housed at Harvard University focused on understanding and addressing the intersections between global environmental challenges and public health. In this role, she managed a global network of universities, NGOs, research institutes, and government entities and led community engagement, outreach, and education efforts. In addition to her work with the PHA, Erika conducted research in environmental economics, with a particular focus on microplastics and grassroots campaigns targeting relevant governmental and corporate policies, and worked in regenerative agriculture in rural Wisconsin. Most recently, Erika helped to launch a project highlighting Indigenous place names across California with the California Institute for Community, Art & Nature. Erika graduated from Harvard in 2015 with a BA in Government and Mind/Brain/Behavior, holds an MBA from Cal Poly, and serves on the board of the Harvard Alumni for Agriculture and Food.

  • Stacie Vilendrer

    Stacie Vilendrer

    Instructor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health
    Instructor, Primary Care and Population Health

    BioExperienced physician with a focus on healthcare delivery innovation. Strong clinical experience in internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics, and focused training in integrative/functional medicine & global health. Broad business experience in health technology, medical devices & entrepreneurship. MD from Stanford School of Medicine with concentration in Health Policy and Bioinformatics. MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business with Certificate in Public Management & Social Innovation.