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  • Mareldi Ahumada Paras

    Mareldi Ahumada Paras

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Energy Resources Engineering

    BioPostdoctoral scholar working with the Climate and Energy Policy Program at the intersection of climate policy, energy resilience and decarbonization. My graduate research focused on power system resilience and planning during extreme events. Previously, I worked at General Electric Company as an Edison and operability engineer on power turbine design and remote diagnostics of existing fleet.

  • Carlos Alvarez Zambrano

    Carlos Alvarez Zambrano

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Geological Sciences

    BioCarlos' research interests include granular matter transport, sand dunes, multiphase flows, and the transport of particles in the atmosphere. At Stanford, Carlos is investigating the formation of eolian bedforms on Mars and Earth.

  • Nur Arafeh Dalmau

    Nur Arafeh Dalmau

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Oceans

    BioI am currently a postdoc at UCLA and Stanford and an Honorary Fellow at The University of Queensland. I am a marine community ecologist and marine spatial planner. My research focuses on understanding the impacts of marine heatwaves on kelp forest ecosystems. I also research the role of marine protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures for providing climate resilience and designing networks of climate-smart marine protected areas. I support conservation initiatives with NGOs, parks, and fishers, and teach decision tools such as Marxan. My heart remains in my beautiful Costa Brava, Spain (Catalonia), where I do my best to support conservation. I am a naive dreamer, and I know future generations will dive into healthy kelp forests and thriving marine ecosystems.