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  • Ching-Yao Lai

    Ching-Yao Lai

    Assistant Professor of Geophysics

    BioMy group attacks fundamental questions in ice-dynamics, geophysics, and fluid dynamics by integrating mathematical and machine-learned models with observational data. We use our findings to address challenges facing the world, such as advancing our scientific knowledge of ice dynamics under climate change. The length scale of the systems we are interested in varies broadly from a few microns to thousands of kilometers, because the governing physical principles are often universal across a range of length and time scales. We use mathematical models, simulations, and machine learning to study the complex interactions between fluids and elasticity and their interfacial dynamics, such as multiphase flows, flows in deformable structures, and cracks. We extend our findings to tackle emerging topics in climate science and geophysics, such as understand the missing physics that governs the flow of ice sheets in a warming climate. We welcome collaborations across disciplinary lines, from geophysics, engineering, physics, applied math to computer science, since we believe combining expertise and methodologies across fields is crucial for new discoveries.

  • Haipeng Li

    Haipeng Li

    Ph.D. Student in Geophysics, admitted Autumn 2022

    BioHaipeng Li is a Ph.D. student in the Stanford Exploration Project (SEP), beginning in the fall of 2022. His research interests include studying the Earth's interior structures with seismic inversion and imaging methods. He focuses on investigating Distributed Acoustic Sensing in full-waveform inversion to resolve real-life problems including CO2 sequestration, hydrocarbon exploration, and urban environment monitoring. Also, He is exploiting high-performant numerical algorithms and SciML surrogates for seismic wavefield simulation across scales and medical imaging with ultrasounds.

  • Ethan Lopes

    Ethan Lopes

    Ph.D. Student in Geophysics, admitted Autumn 2021

    BioEthan is an experimental geophysicist interested in using paleomagnetism to elucidate questions pertaining to ancient Mars's magnetic field. As a PhD candidate, his current work involves the study of magnetic mineral production via fluid-rock interactions.