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  • Argenta Margaret Price

    Argenta Margaret Price


    BioArgenta Price is a lecturer and teaching and learning specialist in the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability. Prior to joining SDSS, she received her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from UCSF, then pivoted to be a science education researcher in Carl Wieman’s research group at Stanford for 7 years. She led workshops for faculty members and co-taught a Stanford course about the principles of learning and effective teaching practices. Her research focused on defining the process of solving complex problems and developing better ways to measure and teach the decisions that comprise that process. As a lecturer in SDSS, she is working with Drs. Majumdar and Moler to design their new course, “Decision Making for Sustainable Energy,” in which students will learn to make problem-solving decisions in the context of solving sustainable energy problems at personal, local, and national scales. She will also collaborate with any instructors who are interested in incorporating active learning and inclusive teaching practices, trying innovative assessment methods, measuring the effectiveness of their courses, or developing materials for new courses or topics.

  • Anjana Richards

    Anjana Richards

    Assistant Dean for Education and Integration Strategy, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability - Dean's Office

    BioAnjana is the Assistant Dean for Education and Integration Strategy where she is responsible for strategic planning, organizational design and program management for new curriculum, educational programs, community engaged learning and research, as well supporting new efforts in partner-engaged research, environmental justice, and sustainable societies. She most recently served as core programmatic staff for the complex charge of the Doerr School creation, working in close collaboration with faculty leadership and senior administration on all elements of the transition.

    Anjana joined Stanford in 2014. She served as Associate Director for Program Strategy for the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER), and ran E-IPER’s joint MS degree programs. She also worked for five years in community college education, leading multi-stakeholder teams to build clean energy, environmental science, and sustainable campus initiatives, and deliver social innovation programs that served a diversity of communities. Anjana's work builds from a 10-year private sector career driving environmental improvements within manufacturing and research practices, and creating sustainability strategies for large corporate clients.

    Anjana brings a sustainability mindset and a practitioner’s lens to her roles in higher education administration. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Purdue University and a Master of Science in Environmental Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School of Business. Anjana enjoys being an active parent and avid traveler to friends, family, and forests near and far.

  • Jennifer Saltzman

    Jennifer Saltzman

    Assistant Dean for Professional Development and Community Building, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability - Dean's Office

    Current Role at StanfordJennifer's role has expanded from directing the educational outreach programs and the Sustainability and Earth Summer Undergraduate Research (SESUR) program to managing the co-curricular education team and overseeing the faculty mentoring program in the Doerr School of Sustainability

  • Kassandra Sharp

    Kassandra Sharp

    Senior Web Developer, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability - Dean's Office

    Current Role at StanfordSenior Web Developer for Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Dean's Office, developing back end infrastructure for school, department, program, and research group web sites as well as special projects and other areas of interest.

  • Meghan Marjorie Shea

    Meghan Marjorie Shea

    Ph.D. Student in Environment and Resources, admitted Autumn 2019
    Student Employee, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability - Dean's Office

    BioMeghan is a PhD student in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources, working to advance tools and methods for using environmental DNA (eDNA) to characterize marine biodiversity. Her work, at the intersection of biological oceanography and science & technology studies, seeks to center the human context of eDNA monitoring; she hopes to research both new scientific applications of eDNA as well as how stakeholders--from scientists to the general public--think about and engage with these applications.

    Beyond her research, Meghan is a campus liaison for the Monterey Area Research Institutions' Network for Education (MARINE), co-founder of Stanford Ocean Networking And Research (SONAR), and co-organizer of the Stanford STS Graduate Workshop. She is also committed to teaching and mentoring the next generation of environmental scholars. In her free time, Meghan plays steel pan and accumulates house plants.

  • Clare Swan

    Clare Swan

    Web Services, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability - Dean's Office

    BioClare works in Web Services as a Site Builder and all around Web Support for the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences.

    Prior to Stanford, Clare worked at Hewlett Packard where she was the technical support for over 200 internal business consultants. She developed database and website interfaces, conducted server administration and provided all around technical support. She has been a web developer for over 20 years. She has a B.S. from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.