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  • Amanda Whitmire

    Amanda Whitmire

    Head Librarian and Bibliographer, Hopkins Marine Library

    Current Role at StanfordMy main goals are to:

    1. support excellence in research by any means necessary, with physical and virtual library spaces and collections;
    2. facilitate effective stewardship and curation of information and data generated by the research community at Hopkins Marine Station;
    3. extend the preservation efforts of HMS archive collections to create actionable research products, thus broadening their utility and impact; and,
    4. share the remarkable work of Hopkins researchers with our local community through meaningful engagement with diverse audiences.

    I am responsible for the overall management of the Harold A. Miller Library. I make purchase decisions for books, journals, and electronic resources in the marine sciences. I help Hopkins residents find the information they need, procure documents not available on site or online, and provide instruction on use of physical and virtual library resources and spaces. I also provide research services, including consultations on data management, sharing and curation. I manage the Miller Library's web pages and Facebook presence.

    In my role as Assistant to the Director of the Station, I help with fundraising, publicity, and tours. I also help manage content for the Station's web pages and social media feeds. Find me on Twitter @AWhitTwit.