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  • Miguel Larrañaga Zulueta

    Miguel Larrañaga Zulueta

    Madrid Lecturer, Bing Overseas Studies

    BioSt Sebastian (Spain), 1961.
    Graduated in Philosophy, master degree in Paleography and PhD in Medieval History. The social and cultural history of the Middle Ages has centered his teaching and research work, areas on which he has published an extensive number of books and articles. Some of his latest publications are: "Palabra, Imagen, Poder: Enseñar el Orden en la Edad Media" (Word, Image, Power: Teaching Order in the Middle Ages), 2015; "Sobre los orígenes del culto jacobeo" (On the origins of the Jacobean cult), 2018; “History and Art in the convent of Santa Cruz la Real of Segovia " (2018).
    He has been a professor at the universities of Alcala (Spain) and Middlebury College (Madrid), and a researcher at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spanish Superior Council of Scientific Research). He was a visiting professor in the United States (St John's U.-The Hill Manuscript Library, Minnesota), Germany (Institut für Franziskanische Geschichte - Münster) and the United Kingdom (Oxford Center for Medieval History - U. of Oxford). He is currently a professor, director of the Antiquity & Middle Ages Research Center and Vice-Rector of IE University, professor at Stanford University in Madrid, member of the CARMEN group (Cooperative for the Advancement of Research through the Medieval European Network), and member of the editorial board of the Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies (Routledge, USA).
    Miguel is married and lives in Madrid and Segovia (Spain). He enjoys outdoor activities: Rock climbing, mountain biking, and surfing.

  • Eloi Laurent

    Eloi Laurent

    Paris Center Lecturer, Bing Overseas Studies

    BioDr. Éloi Laurent is a Senior Research Fellow at OFCE (Sciences Po Centre for Economic Research, Paris), Professor in the School of Management and Innovation at Sciences Po and Visiting Professor at Stanford University. A macroeconomist by training (PhD, highest honors) and laureate of Sciences Po (summa cum laude), his current work focuses on environmental sustainability and well-being and social-ecology. He is the author or editor of twelve books (five translated into several languages), three governmental reports and a hundred articles published in French and international journals. Dr. Laurent has a background in policy making as a former parliamentary assistant in the National Assembly (Paris) and aide to the French Prime Minister and an extensive international academic experience as a visiting scholar at New York University and Columbia University, Visiting Professor at the University of Montreal and Visiting scholar and Visiting Professor at Harvard University. He currently teaches new indicators of well-being, resilience and sustainability at Stanford University and Sciences Po and ecological economics in Sciences Po. He is the author (most recently), in French, of the two best-sellers Nos Mythologies Economiques (2016) and Nouvelles mythologies économiques and Notre bonne fortune (2017) and in English, Fruitful Economics (2015), Report on the State of the European Union-Is Europe Sustainable? (2015) and Measuring Tomorrow: Accounting for Well-being, Resilience and Sustainability in the 21st century (2018).