Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

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  • Kirsten Paige

    Kirsten Paige


    BioI am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer at Stanford University. I previously taught at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I received my postgraduate degrees from The University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D. in Music History, 2018), where I held the Alfred Lepawsky Fellowship at the Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities, and The University of Cambridge (M.Phil. in Music, 2012), where my studies were supported by fellowships from The British Library, National Sound Archives, and Frank Huntington Beebe Foundation. I received my A.B. in Music History and Theory from The University of Chicago in 2011, where I was a Collegiate Fellow and recipient of two departmental prizes, as well as departmental and general honors.

    I work in and across three research areas: opera; music and the environment; and music and the history of science and technology. My work demonstrates how scientific knowledge reshaped musical practices and aural cultures in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly in Germany. I maintain a strong secondary interest in public musicology, particularly in how music and its institutions can respond to today’s most urgent social problems, including climate change and social justice. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals including The Cambridge Opera Journal, The Opera Quarterly, The Journal of the Royal Musical Association, and The Journal of the American Musicological Society. I am currently guest-editing a special issue of 19th-c. Music ("Music and the Invention of Environment in the Long Nineteenth Century"), to which I am also contributing work, and am writing a book entitled "Richard Wagner's Political Ecology: Sound, Environment, and the History of Deep Media."

  • Eldon Pei

    Eldon Pei


    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsSpecialisation: world cinema; documentary film; post-war visual cultures; East and Southeast Asian studies; propaganda; media, technology and society; critical theory; postcolonialism

  • John Peterson

    John Peterson

    Advanced Lecturer

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsSPECIALIZATION: Liberal Arts Education; Art Versus Commerce; Literacy Narratives; Public Schools; Social/Racial Justice; Consumer Culture; Music & Film; Technology & Learning; Public Policy

  • Sarah Pittock

    Sarah Pittock

    Advanced Lecturer

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsSPECIALIZATION: Writing Across the Curriculum; Writing In the Disciplines; Tutoring Pedagogy; Rhetoric of Children's Culture; 18th-Century Studies

  • Emily Polk

    Emily Polk

    PWR Advanced Lecturer

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsSPECIALIZATION: Facilitation and Mobilization of Social Movements in the Digital and Public Spheres; Communication of Community-Led Responses to Climate Change; the Role and Impact of Scholar Activism; Participatory Research; Rhetoric of Sustainability and Resiliency; Rhetoric of Global and Local Development