Cathy Chase is a senior research scholar working for the Transforming Learning Accelerator's Digital Learning Initiative. Cathy has over 15 years of experience doing research and design in the Learning Sciences, with an interdisciplinary focus on cognition, STEM education, and educational technology. Cathy has expertise in exploration and discovery-oriented learning activities, learning technologies like educational games and intelligent tutoring systems, and psychological constructs like transfer and motivation. She currently works on video-based learning, teacher training, and sustainability education.

Prior to joining the TLA, Cathy was an assistant professor of Cognitive Science in Education at Columbia University’s Teachers College. She is also a proud alum of the Learning Sciences and Technology Design program at the Stanford GSE. She began her career in education as an elementary and middle school science teacher in Brooklyn, NY.

Academic Appointments

  • Sr Research Scholar, GSE Initiatives

Professional Education

  • PhD, Stanford Graduate School of Education, Learning Sciences & Technology Design (2011)
  • MS.Ed., Brooklyn College, CUNY, Elementary Education (2003)
  • B.A.S., Stanford University, Biology and Psychology (2000)

All Publications

  • Can typical game features have unintended consequences? A study of players' learning and reactions to challenge and failure in an educational programming game BRITISH JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Chase, C. C., Malkiewich, L. J., Lee, A., Slater, S., Choi, A., Xing, C. 2021; 52 (1): 57-74

    View details for DOI 10.1111/bjet.13021

    View details for Web of Science ID 000563291000001

  • Impact of a prototyping intervention on middle school students' iterative practices and reactions to failure JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION Marks, J., Chase, C. C. 2019; 108 (4): 547-573

    View details for DOI 10.1002/jee.20294

    View details for Web of Science ID 000496495200001

  • Seeking the General Explanation: A Test of Inductive Activities for Learning and Transfer JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN SCIENCE TEACHING Shemwell, J. T., Chase, C. C., Schwartz, D. L. 2015; 52 (1): 58-83

    View details for DOI 10.1002/tea.21185

    View details for Web of Science ID 000347067700004

  • Resisting Overzealous Transfer: Coordinating Previously Successful Routines With Needs for New Learning EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST Schwartz, D. L., Chase, C. C., Bransford, J. D. 2012; 47 (3): 204-214
  • Practicing Versus Inventing With Contrasting Cases: The Effects of Telling First on Learning and Transfer JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Schwartz, D. L., Chase, C. C., Oppezzo, M. A., Chin, D. B. 2011; 103 (4): 759-775

    View details for DOI 10.1037/a0025140

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  • Preparing students for future learning with Teachable Agents ETR&D-EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Chin, D. B., Dohmen, I. M., Cheng, B. H., Oppezzo, M. A., Chase, C. C., Schwartz, D. L. 2010; 58 (6): 649-669
  • Teachable Agents and the Protege Effect: Increasing the Effort Towards Learning JOURNAL OF SCIENCE EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY Chase, C. C., Chin, D. B., Oppezzo, M. A., Schwartz, D. L. 2009; 18 (4): 334-352