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  • Algal solutions: Transforming marine aquaculture from the bottom up for a sustainable future. PLoS biology Greene, C. H., Scott-Buechler, C. M. 2022; 20 (10): e3001824


    Today's global food production system is unsustainable. Shifting the focus of marine aquaculture down the food chain to algae could help meet projected global nutritional demands while simultaneously improving overall environmental sustainability and ocean health.

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  • "Marine microalgae-based aquaculture can offer mutually beneficial investment opportunities for both wealthy and developing countries by providing climate mitigation while simultaneously enhancing global food and water security." OCEANOGRAPHY Greene, C. H., Scott-Buechler, C. M., Hausner, A. P., Johnson, Z. I., Lei, X., Huntley, M. E. 2022; 35 (2): 26-34