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  • Public preferences for five electricity grid decarbonization policies in California(sic)(sic)(sic)Palabras clave REVIEW OF POLICY RESEARCH Boudet, H., Zanocco, C., Stelmach, G., Muttaqee, M., Flora, J. 2021

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  • NIMBY, YIMBY, or something else? Geographies of public perceptions of shale gas development in the Marcellus Shale (vol 15, 074039, 2020) ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS Zanocco, C., Boudet, H., Clarke, C. E., Stedman, R., Evensen, D. 2021; 16 (5)
  • Exploring household energy rules and activities during peak demand to better determine potential responsiveness to time-of-use pricing ENERGY POLICY Stelmach, G., Zanocco, C., Flora, J., Rajagopal, R., Boudet, H. S. 2020; 144
  • NIMBY, YIMBY, or something else? Geographies of public perceptions of shale gas development in the Marcellus Shale ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS Zanocco, C., Boudet, H., Clarke, C. E., Stedman, R., Evensen, D. 2020; 15 (7)
  • Event attribution and partisanship shape local discussion of climate change after extreme weather NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE Boudet, H., Giordono, L., Zanocco, C., Satein, H., Whitley, H. 2020; 10 (1): 69-+
  • Exploring the effects of California's COVID-19 shelter-in-place order on household energy practices and intention to adopt smart home technologies Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Zanocco, C., Flora, J., Rajagopal, R., Boudet, H. 2020
  • Personal harm and support for climate change mitigation policies: Evidence from 10 US communities impacted by extreme weather GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE-HUMAN AND POLICY DIMENSIONS Zanocco, C., Boudet, H., Nilson, R., Flora, J. 2019; 59
  • Spatial Discontinuities in Support for Hydraulic Fracturing: Searching for a "Goldilocks Zone" SOCIETY & NATURAL RESOURCES Zanocco, C., Boudet, H., Clarke, C. E., Howe, P. D. 2019
  • An Energy Lifestyles Program for Tweens: A Pilot Study Mauriello, M., Zanocco, C., Stelmach, G., Flora, J., Boudet, H., Rajagopal, R., Assoc Comp Machinery ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY. 2019
  • Cultural Worldviews and Political Process Preferences SOCIAL SCIENCE QUARTERLY Zanocco, C. M., Jones, M. D. 2018; 99 (4): 1377–89

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  • Fracking Bad Guys: The Role of Narrative Character Affect in Shaping Hydraulic Fracturing Policy Preferences POLICY STUDIES JOURNAL Zanocco, C., Song, G., Jones, M. 2018; 46 (4): 978–99

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  • Policy Narratives and Policy Outcomes: An NPF Examination of Oregon's Ballot Measure 97 POLICY STUDIES JOURNAL McMorris, C., Zanocco, C., Jones, M. 2018; 46 (4): 771–97

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  • Exploring the impacts of climate and policy changes on coastal community resilience: Simulating alternative future scenarios ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE Mills, A. K., Bolte, J. P., Ruggiero, P., Serafin, K. A., Lipiec, E., Corcoran, P., Stevenson, J., Zanocco, C., Lach, D. 2018; 109: 80–92
  • The Effect of Geographic Proximity to Unconventional Oil and Gas Development on Public Support for Hydraulic Fracturing RISK ANALYSIS Boudet, H. S., Zanocco, C. M., Howe, P. D., Clarke, C. E. 2018; 38 (9): 1871–90


    With the rapid growth of unconventional oil and natural gas development transforming the U.S. economic and physical landscape, social scientists have increasingly explored the spatial dynamics of public support for this issue-that is, whether people closer to unconventional oil and gas development are more supportive or more opposed. While theoretical frameworks like construal-level theory and the "Not in My Backyard" (or NIMBY) moniker provide insight into these spatial dynamics, case studies in specific locations experiencing energy development reveal substantial variation in community responses. Larger-scale studies exploring the link between proximity and support have been hampered by data quality and availability. We draw on a unique data set that includes geo-coded data from national surveys (nine waves; n = 19,098) and high-resolution well location data to explore the relationship between proximity and both familiarity with and support for hydraulic fracturing. We use two different measures of proximity-respondent distance to the nearest well and the density of wells within a certain radius of the respondent's location. We find that both types of proximity to new development are linked to more familiarity with hydraulic fracturing, even after controlling for various individual and contextual factors, but only distance-based proximity is linked to more support for the practice. When significant, these relationships are similar to or exceed the effects of race, income, gender, and age. We discuss the implications of these findings for effective risk communication as well as the importance of incorporating spatial analysis into public opinion research on perceptions of energy development.

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  • Community climate change beliefs, awareness, and actions in the wake of the September 2013 flooding in Boulder County, Colorado JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES AND SCIENCES Shepard, S., Boudet, H., Zanocco, C. M., Cramer, L. A., Tilt, B. 2018; 8 (3): 312–25
  • Analyzing the factors that influence US public support for exporting natural gas ENERGY POLICY Pierce, J. J., Boudet, H., Zanocco, C., Hillyard, M. 2018; 120: 666–74
  • Mapping Out Climate Change: Assessing How Coastal Communities Adapt Using Alternative Future Scenarios JOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH Lipiec, E., Ruggiero, P., Mills, A., Serafin, K. A., Bolte, J., Corcoran, P., Stevenson, J., Zanocco, C., Lach, D. 2018; 34 (5): 1196–1208
  • Place, proximity, and perceived harm: extreme weather events and views about climate change CLIMATIC CHANGE Zanocco, C., Boudet, H., Nilson, R., Satein, H., Whitley, H., Flora, J. 2018; 149 (3-4): 349–65
  • Great Basin land managers provide detailed feedback about usefulness of two climate information web applications CLIMATE RISK MANAGEMENT Zanocco, C., Brown, M., Bachelet, D., Gough, M., Mutch, T., Sheehan, T. 2018; 20: 78–94
  • Co-producing software for complex environmental data visualization Zanocco, C., Cushing, J., Lach, D., ACM, Zuiderwijk, A., Hinnant, C. C. ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY. 2018: 818–19
  • The effect of industry activities on public support for 'fracking' ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS Boudet, H., Bugden, D., Zanocco, C., Maibach, E. 2016; 25 (4): 593–612