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  • Linking Phase Behavior to Performance Parameters in Non-Fullerene Acceptor Solar Cells ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS Cheng, C., Wong, S., LeCroy, G., Schneider, S., Gomez, E., Toney, M. F., Salleo, A. 2023
  • Ecoresorbable and bioresorbable microelectromechanical systems NATURE ELECTRONICS Yang, Q., Liu, T., Xue, Y., Wang, H., Xu, Y., Emon, B., Wu, M., Rountree, C., Wei, T., Kandela, I., Haney, C. R., Brikha, A., Stepien, I., Hornick, J., Sponenburg, R. A., Cheng, C., Ladehoff, L., Chen, Y., Hu, Z., Wu, C., Han, M., Torkelson, J. M., Kozorovitskiy, Y., Saif, M. A., Huang, Y., Chang, J., Rogers, J. A. 2022
  • Improving molecular alignment and charge percolation in semiconducting polymer films with highly localized electronic states through tailored thermal annealing JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C Luzio, A., Martin, J., Cheng, C. H., Stingelin, N., Toney, M. F., Salleo, A., Caironi, M. 2021

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  • Ion Pair Uptake in Ion Gel Devices Based on Organic Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS Quill, T. J., LeCroy, G., Melianas, A., Rawlings, D., Thiburce, Q., Sheelamanthula, R., Cheng, C., Tuchman, Y., Keene, S. T., McCulloch, I., Segalman, R. A., Chabinyc, M. L., Salleo, A. 2021