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  • Recent advances in induced proximity modalities. Current opinion in chemical biology Ng, C. S., Banik, S. M. 1800; 67: 102107


    Challenging disease targets necessitate new approaches for therapeutic intervention. Rewiring protein-biomolecule interactions with proximity-inducing agents extends intervention opportunities beyond target agonism or inhibition. Spanning varied molecular phenotypes and diverse target classes, proximity-inducing agents demonstrate immense potential across target degradation, cleavage, and post-translational editing. Here, we review a selection of exciting developments in the concepts and mechanisms of induced proximity-driven strategies from the last two years. Key technological advances that enable these discoveries and expand the scope of targets and machinery for induced-proximity modalities are highlighted.

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  • Taming transcription factors with TRAFTACs. Cell chemical biology Ng, C. S., Banik, S. M. 2021; 28 (5): 588-590


    Transcription factors play central roles in numerous diseases yet are notoriously challenging targets for drug development. In this issue of Cell Chemical Biology, Samarasinghe etal. (2021) describe a modular approach to targeting transcription factors for degradation with TRAFTACs, without the need for extensive ligand development campaigns.

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