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  • Quantitative DigitoGraphy: a Comprehensive Real-Time Remote Monitoring System for Parkinson's Disease. Research square Hoffman, S. L., Schmiedmayer, P., Gala, A. S., Wilkins, K. B., Parisi, L., Karjagi, S., Negi, A. S., Revlock, S., Coriz, C., Revlock, J., Ravi, V., Bronte-Stewart, H. 2024


    People with Parkinson's disease (PWP) face critical challenges, including lack of access to neurological care, inadequate measurement and communication of motor symptoms, and suboptimal medication management and compliance. We have developed QDG-Care: a comprehensive connected care platform for Parkinson's disease (PD) that delivers validated, quantitative metrics of all motor signs in PD in real time, monitors the effects of adjusting therapy and medication adherence and is accessible in the electronic health record. In this article, we describe the design and engineering of all components of QDG-Care, including the development and utility of the QDG Mobility and Tremor Severity Scores. We present the preliminary results and insights from the first at-home trial using QDG-Care. QDG technology has enormous potential to improve access to, equity of, and quality of care for PWP, and improve compliance with complex time-critical medication regimens. It will enable rapid "Go-NoGo" decisions for new therapeutics by providing high-resolution data that require fewer participants at lower cost and allow more diverse recruitment.

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