I am a full Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Milan (Italy) and I am also leading the Cognition in Action Lab ( I have been at University of Milan since 2001 when I was appointed as Assistant Professor there. Before that I studied at the University of Leuven (1992-1993), at the Ecole Normale SuperiƩure of Paris (1994), and at the University of Genova (1995-1999), where I got my PhD in Philosophy of Science. I received several grants, including the BIAL Foundation Grant Program (2018-2020), the PRIN (2017-2020), the British Academy / Leverhulme Small Grant (2013-2015), and the Multi-Research Grant Action (Fondazione San Paolo, Torino) (2009-2012).

The overarching goal of my research is to integrate philosophy with cognitive neuroscience. I have extensively investigated the role of motor processes and representations in social cognition. My current research is aimed at explaining how motor representation meshes with intention, and more in general with thought, in performing both individual and joint action. A related question concerns how motor processes and representations might be involved in our making experience of the environment, other people included.

I am author and co-author of three books, about forty papers in peer reviewed journals, and fifteen chapters in edited books. I have published papers in philosophical (PPPR, Mind), psychological (Cognition, TICS) and neuroscientific (Nature Neuroscience Review, PNAS) journals.