I am a 4th year PhD candidate in History under the guidance of David Como. I focus on religious and cultural history of early modern Britain and am particularly interested in ideas of apocalypticism, millenarianism in the English Civil Wars and Revolution, radical sectarian notions of empire, and, more broadly, the messy dynamics between power and resistance in the seventeenth century.

Prior to my time here at Stanford, I received my MA in History with a concentration in Museum Studies from Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA under the guidance of Lori Anne Ferrell. My master's thesis is titled "I will write of Cornwall, Cornhell in the West": Prophecy, Itinerancy, and Anna Trapnel's Struggle with Cromwellian Authorities.

Doctoral Oral Examination Committee:

Major Field: Early Modern Britain - David Como
Major field: Modern Britain and its Empire - Priya Satia

Minor field: Colonial America - Caroline Winterer
Minor field: Early Modern Europe - Paula Findlen

Exam Chair: Sarah Prodan

Education & Certifications

  • MA, Stanford University, History
  • MA, Claremont Graduate University, History, Concentration in Museum Studies (2020)

2022-23 Courses